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Providing High Productivity Web-Based Communication, Collaboration and Commerce Solutions for Organizations.

We host legally recognized organizations and enterprises.

 • Business Groups   • Professional Groups  • Corporations 
 • Education Groups  • Non-Profit Groups  • Civic Associations
 • Homeowner Associations  • Institutions  • Event Producers
 • Investor Groups  • Franchisors  • 
 • and more    

We provide stock and custom groupware applications.

 • Contacting  • Connecting  • Meta-Vetting
 • Communicating  • Collaborating  • Syndicating
 • Negotiating  • eCommerce  •
 • and more    

Examples of solutions that are easily built.

 • Social Networking  • Workflow Management   • Property Management    
 • Business Networking  • Event Management  • NPO Fund Raising
 • Deal Flow Management    • Project Management  • 
 • and more         
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