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Opportunities Abound and More Goals are Met when You Harness the Combined Power of...

• Individual Privacy Controls
• Private Community Networking
• Contact & Social Media Convergence

Individuals, Businesses and Organizations...

Welcome to the most private, innovative, common sense, online / in-person networking, communication, collaboration, convergence and commerce platform on the planet.

Imagine controlling 'why' or 'who' can or cannot contact you. Control how you're displayed - anonymously, as a pseuydonyn, or not at all! Your Email addresses and Contacts are never shared. SecureMail communication and real-time Member meta-vetting are also featured!

Imagine exploring new business or social opportunities in common-interest Private Communities though Discussion Forums, Document Sharing, Events, and Listings, not just by random individual connections!

Imagine being able to contact attendees of online or in-person meetings, conferences, etc. through pre- and post-event Forums for events ranging from setting up a round of golf to a Summit of 100,000's!

Imagine the exponentially positive effect on achieving your goals within an Affiliated-Community Network, a network of networks!
Imagine being able to automatically consolidate, filter, organize, vet, and manage all your Contacts and Social Media Connections in one place! It's called Social Media Convergence, and now you can do it easily here!

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If it's about achieving success, it's about INCAPX
Where CEOs Collaborate
Where CEOs Collaborate
Building Private Communities
Building Private Communities
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