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Welcome to Our Member-Regulated Business Community
Where Trusted Professionals Contact, Interact and Transact Business Privately
INCAPX is a private community of 'trusted' entrepreneurs, owners, CEOs, investors, lenders and service providers involved in start-ups to Fortune-500 corporations, associations, clubs, non-profits and other common-interest communities.

INCAPX is Private and Confidental
 INCAPX Membership is Never Published
 You're Anonymous Except to Your Contacts
Your Email Address is Never Shared or Displayed
You Establish Your Own Personal Rules of Engagement
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INCAPX is a Suite of Integrated Collaboration Applications
 Confidential Contact Manager with MetaVetting
 Secure Mail and Instant Messaging
 Private Home Page with Guest Passes
Open Private Forums for Networking and Sharing
 Unpublished Private Forums for Group Syndication and Collaboration
 Published Listings: Capital (SEC Compliant), M&A, Real Estate, Products & Services
 Unpublished Private Deal Rooms for Collaboration and Document Sharing
 Private Partner Exchanges for Community Collaboration
INCAPX Members submit their own contacts and make new contacts using Guest Passes, Forums, Listings and Deal Rooms. Membership is unpublished, names, email addresses, your contacts are strictly confidential and never shared even with your own contacts. Each Member establishes their own Rules of Engagement and can chose to publish their name only to their contacts or remain anonymous and still participate in SecureMail, Forums, Listings and Deal Rooms, etc.

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INCAPX does not allow any Member to view or download any other Member's email address.
Members are only vetted by other Members and are not vetted by INCAPX. Please report abuse.
Expulsion can result from violation of Member Terms, violation of Member Rules of Engagement, general solicitation, or fraud.