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1  Industry      
   Industry in decline      
  Mature industry - slight growth      
  Industry in rapid growth      
2 Company      
  Start up      
  Established - good infrastructure      
  Well established - very good reputation      
3 Product/Service      
  New - no customer experience      
  Solid - good customer feedback      
  Dominant product/service in market      
4 Personnel      
  We have no key employees - high turnover      
  We have 1 key employee and are training more      
  We have several well trained key employees      
5 Competition      
  Low cost of entry - highly competitive      
  Average amount of competition      
  High cost of entry - little competition      
6 Company Growth      %/yr
  Declining revenues      
  Steady 5-10% growth      
  Rapid growth      
7 Recurring Revenue      %/yr
  No recurring revenues      
  Revenues 50% recurring      
  Revenues 100% recurring      
8 Financial Presentation      
  No internal or CPA financials      
  Some financials - not audited      
  Complete audited financials      
9 Systems      
  No system documentation or automation      
  Limited system documentation and automation      
  Systems well documented and automated      
10 Customer Base      
  Very dependent on single or few customers      
   Top 10 customers less than 50% of revenue      
  Revenue evenly distributed among customers      
11 Facility      
  Business location dependent - no lease      
  Rent predetermined with 5 year lease      
  Building owned or 12 year lease with predetermined rent      
12 Suppliers      
   No relationship, no backup, and no contracts with suppliers      
   Some relationship, backup, and contracts with suppliers      
  Good relationship, backups , and contracts with all suppliers      
13 Scalability      
  Significant expense required for growth      
  Some growth possible without added capital expense      
  Rapid growth possible without capital infusion      
14 Operating Ratios      
   All operating ratios below industry norms      
   Most operating ratios slightly better than industry norms      
  All operating ratios well above industry norms      
15 Liquidity Ratios      
  Company burdened with heavy debt      
  Most liquidity ratios slightly better than industry norms      
  Liquidity ratios well above industry norms      
16 Bankability      
  Lenders unwilling to fund growth or transfer      
  Limited financing available      
  Substantial financing available      
17 Intellectual Property      
  No IP & no special skills      
  Some IP & limited special skills      
  Company has patents, copyrights, & special skills      
18 Marketing      
   TOTAL SCORE_______  

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