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Start Here to Turn 'Names' Into Trusted Contact Networks w/Free Membership
- Set up Your Account

 Reset Your Password
 Confirm Your Privacy Display Settings
 Create Your Own Rules of Engagement
 Add Country and/or State, Region & City
 Complete Your Home Page
 Create a Guest Password

Adjust Your 'Privacy Display Settings'
 Do not display my name to anyone, anywhere on Display my Member number instead
 Display my name to INCAPX Members who are My Contacts, and to non-Members who login with My Guest Password
Publish your own 'Rules of Engagement'
- State reasons you want and don't want to be contacted 
- Any Member reported abusing any Member's Rules of Engagement could be suspended pending review
- Action may be taken against any Members knowingly supplying false Trusted rating and/or References

Establish Yourself as a 'Trusted' Contact and Build a Trusted Contact Network
NOTE: We recommend having at least three(3) Trusted Contacts

• Add My Contacts (Select My Dashboard tab, 'Add My Contacts')
NOTE: Contacts added are also called Referrals
Enter Names That You Trust and They Trust You, and Each Other, Into the Form
Rate Each Other as 'Trusted'
Rate Other Member Contacts as 'Trusted', 'Known' or 'Other'
  - Unlimited Names/Contacts Can Easily Imported and LinkedIn® Contacts 
• View Your Member Contacts (Select My Contacts' tab to view)
NOTE: Includes Members That Have You as a Contact, but You Don't Have Them
Real Time Updates Display on your Dashboard for each that rate You 'Trusted', number of Members that 'Trust' each Contact , 'Open Forum' Memberships for each Contact, and more.
Rate Your Contacts as 'Trusted', 'Known' or 'Other'
- Keyword Search All Contact Data, Add Notes About Each Contact, Schedule Calls, Followups, etc.
• View Your Non-Member Contacts (Select My Contacts' tab, 'Non-Member Contacts)
INCAPX Invites Non-Members to join you on INCAPX as their Sponsor if you were the first to add them and they receive free SecureMail with you), and updates your Contacts. 
NOTE: All Non-Members in your Contacts automatically become your Member Contacts too when they Register regardless of how they registered.
Rate Non-Member Contacts as 'Trusted', 'Known' or 'Other' and Send Them email Messages and Invitations 
Messaging Options (1) Membership/Status
 (My Contacts) 
(Not Contacts)
(My Contacts) 
MY MESSAGES/My CONTACTS - -   SecureMail  
 - INCAPX Invites to Join INCAPX with Me as a Sponsor(2) - -   SecureMail  
 - I Invite to Join INCAPX with Me as their Sponsor - - email(3)
 - Send a Message From My Contacts   SecureMail   SecureMail  email(3)
 - Receive Inquiries About My Free Listings   SecureMail   SecureMail  (2)
 - Respond to Free Listing Leads   SecureMail   SecureMail  -
 - Inquire About a Free Listing   SecureMail   SecureMail  (2)
  -Deal Room Messaging   SecureMail   SecureMail  -
 - Send Guest Passes to Visit My Home Page   SecureMail   SecureMail  email(3)
 - Respond to Guest Pass Messages   SecureMail   SecureMail  (4)
 - Request References(3)   SecureMail   SecureMail  -
GROUPS (PRIVATE & OPEN) - -   SecureMail  
 - Invite Mutually Trusted Contacts to Join My Group    SecureMail   SecureMail  -
 - Invite My Contacts That Don't Trust Me to Join My Group    SecureMail    SecureMail   -
 - Invite My Mutually Trusted Contacts to Join Another Member's Group    SecureMail   SecureMail  -
 - Send a Message to a Group Member I Don't Know      SecureMail     SecureMail   -
 - Invite a Non-Member to Join a Group     -    -   email(3)
 - Ask My Group Members to Invite Their Trusted Contacts to Join My Group    SecureMail   SecureMail  -
NEWS & EVENTS    SecureMail   SecureMail  -
(1) You Must be a Premier Member to Send SecureMail
(2) Responding to Public Listings Requires Being Registration & Premier Membership
(3) Messages are Sent Using Your Personal email Address
(4) Guest Members Can Send You Messages Free, but They Must Register Free

Add SecureMail MessagingGuest Passes
Add Data About Your Contacts (See Above)
Receive SecureMail and Accept Forum Invitations 
Send SecureMail to Your Sponsor and Forum Owners 
Send free email to Non-Member Contacts (See email Below)
INCAPX sends Real Time Alerts Every Time You Have a SecureMail Message
• More Trusted Contact Networking Tools REQUIRES PREMIER MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE

INCAPX does not allow any Member to view or download any other Member's email address.
Members are only vetted by other Members and are not vetted by INCAPX. Please report abuse.
Expulsion can result from violation of Member Terms, violation of Member Rules of Engagement, general solicitation, or fraud.