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Capital needs matching, deal rooms and syndication for investors and lenders only. is a private online exchange for offering Capital or seeking M&A transactions. SEC Compliance available. No transaction fees. features...

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•  Display your name, pseudonym, or not at all
•  Anonymous Introductions
•  Contact Rules describe why, or why not, to contact you
Contact and Social Media Convergence
•  Merge, filter, and meta-vet contact lists and social media groups
•  Add personal notes, schedule appointments , etc.
•  Referrals automatically become Contacts upon Registration
•  Guest Passes with option to send SecureMail
•  Community Key invitations to join a Community
Double-Blind Contact Matching Through...
•  Discussion Forums (Exchange, Community, or Event)
•  Community, Forum, Event, Document, or Web Link descriptions
•  Listings (Exchange or Public)
Communication | Collaboration
•  SecureMail
•  Discussion Forums
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